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The newest technological addition to our portfolio is our ONLINE WEB AUCTION. The ONLINE WEB AUCTION was created for foundations, organizations, associations and even privately own companies looking to organize an ONLINE WEB AUCTION on the internet to connect with their clients and maximize profits by joining the vastest audience possible.

Each of our auctions is personalized according to your colors, logos and sponsors and his accessible on your own private URL address. This way, your portal is unique and can easily be shared among your community via social networks and email.

The platform was built to be auto sustainable to make sure our partners can have as less risk as possible to create their auction. Whether you want to run an auction with only 1 item or 500, we can make do it! Additionally, it is not necessary that you have your own items to run an auction. It is possible for you to build your own online auction using solely Signature Pro articles customized to your clients’ preferences.

To facilitate the task, you will not have to learn the use of a new software for one or two annual events. Our team of specialists offers a turnkey solution. We take care of creating and updating your online auction with the specific items you require as well as taking client payments. We can even take care of delivery.

Your only responsibility will be to share the online auction among your community.

Whether it is to finance a special project, increase your profits or simply find a unique way to come in contact with your community at a certain time of the year, our online auction will respond to whichever demands you may have!


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